A warm welcome to the Three Hills School of Yoga. My teaching explores Yoga through the Seasons.  Following  natures rhythms invites the possibility of  coming home to ourselves. Through a love of nature we awaken to our essential nature. This is a gentle approach to Yoga adapted to each individuals health and fitness. Exploring Prana Shakti, the vitality of breath,  finding body breath synchronicity is at the heart of yoga and is  the foundation for health and well being.

I am trained by the Mandala Yoga Ashram, accredited by the British wheel of Yoga. I teach weekly classes , one to one sessions, workshops and yoga walks.

Relaxation is a fundamental part of yoga, as our bodies  relax, the mind may also unwind to gradually quieten. As we attune ourselves to the natural rhythm of breath there arises a flow between the mind and body so that our daily lives may potentially be enriched with a deeper sense of joy.

namaste ash tree